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We have various user groups that provide different aspects of fitness.


Please contact our office directly to inquire further and to be given contact information.

Barre Fitness


Never tried Barre Fitness before?  Come try a complimentary class to see if it's something you might like!


Ballet dancers combine suppleness with strength and agility.  Yoga focuses on flexibility.  Pilates works on core and balance.  With Barre fitness you can have all these in one!  A one hour workout that will change your body!


Ballet Barre workouts have been shaping and toning celebrity bodies for years and now we offer it right here in Parksville!


Open to adults of all ages.

OUR BARRE FITNESS CLASSES WILL BE RUN IN 8 WEEK SESSIONS MOVING FORWARD.  If there is enough interest we will run sessions as follows:

Mid October to early December

Mid January to early March

Mid April to early June


Let us know if you would like to be added to our email list.  This way we keep everyone posted regarding class cancellations, schedule changes, etc...


SUMMERS we close for the months of July & August.  


Here is an article written in 2016 about Barre Fitness and our very own ``Miss Deena``...

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