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Pursuit Program


Innovate Dance Arts "Pursuit Program" was created to give serious dancers an opportunity to take advantage of all the hours of dance they do and use it as credits towards their education through PE and electives.  This frees up some of their school day enabling the dancers to start dance classes earlier in the afternoon.


We are working in collaboration with Ballenas and Kwalikum Secondary Schools and CEAP to arrange education programming and develop our own earlier schedule.  We are excited for the dancers to have the opportunity to free up some time to be with family or perhaps to dance even more.  Equally important is that the dancers still have the opportunity to attend high school and gain the valuable exercise of socialization.


Students must register for this program through their high school.  Be sure to speak with your child's school counsellor.  We will then work with the high school's and the appropriate school counsellor will be in touch with us and also directly with the student/family to work out education programming. 


This program is only applicable to the serious dancer training a minimum of 10 hours per week.  Very applicable for those dancers wanting to pursue a career in the dance field.  All those dancers currently enrolled in our intensive program going into Grade 8 or higher are eligible to receive dance credits.  Day time dance classes will only be offered for those in our senior pursuit program for the 2021/22 dance season.  Those dancers in the intensive program that are home schooled may also take part.


If you have further questions regarding this program please contact Miss Deena at the studio, by phone (250) 248-9522 or email:


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