Please keep in mind the following important dates:


August 26th-29th - Syllabus camp (Intensive dancers junior and higher only)

Sept. 3rd,4th & 5th – Back in your body (Intensive dancers Junior and higher only)

Sept. 9th – First day of regular season classes.

Oct. 14th – Thanksgiving – Studio closed

Oct. 31st – Halloween – No classes

Nov. 11th – Remebrance Day – No classes

Nov. 15th – 22nd – Tentative ISTD tap exams (Pre Senior / Senior intensive dancers only)

Dec. 14th – Winter Showcase (Parksville Comm Centre) (General Program)

Dec. 22rd – Jan. 5th – Winter Break

Jan. 6th – First day back after winter break

Jan. 24th – 26th – Unite Dance Convention (Intensive dancers only)

Feb. 1st – Odyssey Performance  (Inter, Pre Senior & Senior dancers only)

Feb. 4th – Festival Showcase – Sid Williams (Intensive dancers only, but all are welcome to come watch by donation)

Feb. 17th – BC Family Day – No classes

Feb. 13th – 18th – Victoria Danceworks Festival (Select Intensive soloists only)

Feb. 21st – Mar. 2nd – NIFPA – Tentative dates for Courtenay Festival  (Intensive / Pursuit dancers only)

Mar. 2nd – 12th – UIMF (Intensive dancers only – solos/duets/trios)

Mar. 7th – 10th – Synergy Festival (Select Intensive dancers only if we do it)

Mar. 6th – NIFPA – Festival Variety Showcase  (Intensive dancers possibly if selected by adjudicator)

Mar. 7th – NIFPA – Dance Gala   (Intensive dancers possibly if selected by adjudicator)

Mar. 15th – Last day of classes before spring break

Mar. 16th –  Mar. 29th – Spring Break

Mar. 30th – First day of classes after spring break

Apr. 3rd – 5th – Summit Dance Challenge (Select Intensive classes only)

Apr. 10th – Good Friday – Studio closed

Apr. 13nd – Easter Monday – Studio closed

Apr. 26th – 29th – PEAK Festival (Intensive soloists/duets/trios only)

May 2nd - May 8th – CORE Dance Festival (ALL Intensive groups, etc.)

May 15th – 20th – Tentative ISTD Tap Exam dates  (Intensive classes only)

May 18th – Victoria Day – Studio closed

June 1st – 13th – Tentative RAD Ballet Exam dates (Intensive classes only)

June 17th & 18th – Dress Rehearsal & Photo days (At IDA studios)

June 20th – Year End Recital, Port Theatre, Nanaimo


Please check out our schedule below:                                                              

*Subject to change                                                                                                                                       






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